When you start breastfeeding your baby, it is important to assume a position which is comfortable for your baby and provides them with a good access to your breast. It is just not enough to put your breasts to your baby’s mouth and let them suckle on, you need to keep them in a position which allows them to suck out the milk. So, which position would be good for your breastfeeding baby? if you want some more information about babies, visit Universalreview

There are a few positions which you could try when you are breastfeeding your baby which will make it easier for you to hold the baby while providing your baby with a comfortable base too. Here are a few positions which you could try:

  • Cradle Position

One of the most basic breastfeeding positions, this one is good for baby’s whose neck is developed and were born vaginally. In this position, all you have to do is, sit on a chair and keep your arms near baby when it is sitting on it high chair. Then keep your baby in your lap in such a way that he/she faces towards you. Now, if the baby is feeding on the right breast, you will need to tuck their right arm under your own arm and rest their head with the crook of your right arm.

  • Cross-Cradle Position

Another popular position for breastfeeding, in the cross-cradle position, you need to use your left hand to hold your baby’s head near to your right breast. It involves you to keep your arms and fingers beneath your baby’s head and ears and guide them to your breasts to feed.

This position is great for newborn babies as their neck muscles are still not developed and they need help in latching on to the breasts. You need to lay them down properly on a baby bassinet and let them rest.

  • Side-lying position

This popular position is good for babies who can latch on to the breasts easily and it allows you to breastfeed while lying down. This position is perfect when your baby wake you up in the night or in the morning when you are lying down and haven’t gotten up yet.

For this position, you just need to lay down sideways and then pull your baby towards you in such a way that they are facing towards you. Now, use your hand to support them and pull their head towards your breast so that they can feed on the milk.

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  • Football hold position

A good position for mothers who has a cesarean or have twins to feed, this position allows you to focus on getting your babies to latch on to your breast for proper feeding. Since you hold your baby with one hand, it allows your other hand to adjust their head to allow a better feeding access.

You can assume this position by tucking your baby under your one arm in the form of a football. Make sure her/his face is upwards near your nipples and the legs are pointing in a direction towards your back. Then rest your arms on a pillow and use your forearm to provide support to his/her neck. Then using a C-hold, guide him/her to your breast and adjust accordingly.

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