So, it’s the peak hour in the morning and you need your mandatory cup coffee, but you can’t have it alone. No, we’re not talking about the coffee date or a partner.

It’s about what will you have on the side say what kind of snack will go right with your cup of java? After all, not every time you can just grab your coffee and leave for your work, right?

Well, coffee and some specific kind of foodstuffs, are somewhat like a match made in heaven. Many high-end coffee shops and restaurants often try out giving different recipes to their customers to not just provide them a variety but to also enhance the taste of their coffee.

So, we decided why not educate you all that make a perfect pair with this beverage. Have a look and see if you’ve ever tried this combination.  

Snacks Can Make A Perfect Pair With Your Coffee

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Think of Italians and these people know how to enjoy their coffee in the best way possible. They have a wide variety of mouth-watering snacks that go hand-in-hand with their exotic cup of coffee and biscotti is one of them.

Talking about this delicious thing, Biscotti is a traditional Italian double-baked cake with a brittle texture and goes perfect when dipped in the cup of coffee.

The best part about this savory is the wonderful taste of biscotti and coffee that goes together and pampers your taste buds.

Pumpkin Seeds

Whenever it comes to a perfect autumn coffee companion, there’s nothing that can beat these tempting pumpkin seeds. There might be possibilities that you find these seeds somewhere around your house.

Make sure you don’t just throw them away but make the best use of them. Take the seeds with you, roast them using salt and cinnamon and enjoy with every sip of coffee. They are even perfect for the times you need a cup of coffee on the go.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Some might not consider them as the healthiest option on the list, but they are definitely the tastiest one out there. Once you try out the chocolate and coffee combination, you won’t be able to keep yourself away from it.

If it is the morning time and you’ve got a long commute, you can treat yourself with this tempting and sweet combo.


Talk about matches made in heaven and this combination will surely hit the list. Having a cup of coffee with cheesecake on the side balances the strong and bitter taste of the coffee perfectly. You can have this with a pair of espresso too, for home Keurig coffee makers are best for making espresso and other types of coffee.

Well, you might find a number of options, the best one we would like to recommend are the cheesecake brownie. This combination is something you will cherish every time you have it.

So, get your cappuccino and a slice of cheesecake brownie, and let the boring early mornings bring all the happiness to your place.

Granola Mix

Are you looking for a healthy option that goes perfectly with your favorite cup of java? Get yourself a healthy granola mix that not only makes a great combination with your coffee but will also sate your appetite.

You can add some dried fruits for nutritional values, nuts to get some protein, and some chocolate chips that add a little sweetness to your granola mix.

Dark Chocolate

If you’re the one who usually prefers having a cup of latte, having dark chocolate on the side can be the perfect option for you.

When dark cocoa comes together with the frothy surface of the latte, it ends up providing you with a rich-flavored coffee and you’ll feel like having a cup of hot chocolate, but it’s the mild coffee flavor here that makes it better than any other chocolate drink available out there.

Dried Apple Slices

Dried apple slices are something you can carry along when you want your coffee on go and they don’t even make your hands sticky. If you’re the one who loves having something that tastes sour, green apples are the answer.

If you’re looking for something sweet and refreshing, red apples will satisfy your needs. Not to worry, the flavors of dried apple slices won’t interfere with the exotic taste of your hot coffee.


True coffee lovers will agree that a slice of tiramisu on the side of your favorite coffee is simply out of the world. This is one of the combinations every coffee fanatic craves for.

Well, this pair might make you the happiest person on the earth, but don’t forget that this combo also comes with high-calorie content.


Really? Can we actually have yogurt with a cup of coffee? We know many of you must have this same question in your mind.

Well, you can pair up your coffee with yogurt of any flavor, be it blueberry, strawberry, key lime pie, or just plain yogurt.

This is also one of the healthy snacks that can go with your coffee, which tastes sweet and tastes perfect even with the darkest of roasts.

If you want to try these awesome combinations at home then you must need a good coffee machine at your home.

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