Well, are you afraid of singing in front of others whenever there is a social gathering at your place?

Don’t worry I have a perfect thing for you, Singing Machine STVG785W Karaoke Machine.

This masterpiece can help you build confidence while singing. It is the best karaoke machine for kids.

Buy this machine and become a good singer. Play the music in the background and start singing. Practice practice practice till you become confident enough to sing in front of others.


There is a seven-inch display provided in the machine to operate the machine easy. Along with the display, there are disco lights attached to the machine to give a great feel of a disco.


You can play anything whether it’s a CD or CD+G or MP3 or a USB. There are no compromises in the compatibility of the machine. Aux connectivity is also there so that you can connect the machine to your lappy or your phone. You don’t have to worry about anything. You can even connect it to your TV and display the lyrics on TV’s display which makes it very easy to read the lyrics as they will be displayed on a large screen instead of a 7-inch display that is there on the machine.

Two Microphones

Well here comes the best part, you can attach two microphones at a time. Why is it the best part? It’s not about you, you also care about others right? So in this machine, you can sing a duet with another person.

Audio Control

Audio control is in the hands of the user, you can control anything from the effects to the echo of your voice. When the audio control is in your hand then you manage everything from the music to your voice. You are the rightful owner of this machine and it will be shown to everyone when you sing in front of them.

If I have to rate different feature of this machine on a scale of 0-10 then I will rate them like this:

  • Features: 9.5
  • Durability: 7 (it is not that durable so be careful)
  • Versatility: 7 (sorry to say but it’s not that versatile)
  • Sound quality: 9.5 (well there is no compromise in the quality of the sound)

Now you have all the ratings in front of you. So it is now in your hands whether to choose this product or now. But wait I have not told you the most important thing. Which is? Offcourse the price of this karaoke machine.

The price of this machine is on a higher side but I don’t think so that it will affect you as there are many features in a machine which makes it worthy of this price tag. Don’t worry about the price tag attached to it, just think of it as a future investment as in future you will have the required confidence to sing in front of anyone. So it’s time to become a rockstar. Go rock the world.

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