What happens you want to sing in a group of people but you forget the lyrics of your favorite song? You really want to avoid this awkward moment.

To avoid falling in this kind of trap you need the best karaoke machine which is Singtrix Party Bundle.

You must have heard about this game ‘guitar hero’, Singtrix is also developed by the developers of Guitar hero so now you can see that this is the best karaoke machine as we all know history predicts future.

The setup of this machine is very easy and basic. You can easily setup this machine anywhere in your home. The best thing about this machine is that it can be used in a café or a restaurant. If you are thinking that you won’t be able to use it commercially. It can be used both residentially and commercially depending on your preference.

The impressive thing about Singtrix is that it is designed keeping in mind the user’s movement while using the machine. You don’t have to move your hands here and there to operate this machine. Everything is at your finger tips. For really good color combination the face plates provided with the machine comes in three different colors.

Voice Manipulation

Well If you think that singing is hard then don’t worry because this machine comes with a feature of voice manipulation in which you can choose over 250 different types of sounds to assist you with your singing. You can choose any effect and test it yourself first after that if you think that the effect you chose suits your voice then you just have to press the hit button and you can sing like a pro in no time at all.

The good thing about karaoke machines is that you can hear your voice while singing and it gives you the confidence to sing more. Obviously, your voice will be manipulated but it will sound way better than your original voice to you and to others.

Apart from this, there are powerful speakers attached to the machine so that everyone is able to hear your singing. Additionally, a subwoofer is attached to the speaker to provide power to the music. Without subwoofers sometimes the music sounds very dull. But in this machine, you don’t have to worry about dullness as it has a subwoofer.

Now here comes a surprise for you, along with the system, Singtrix also has its own music app which is configured with the karaoke machine. The app is absolutely free. There are 12 songs preloaded on the app. But if you want some other songs apart from the preloaded 12 songs then you have to pay for them.

The price of this karaoke machine is not much so you can easily buy it.

If I have to rate everything in this system on different things then I would rate them as:

  • Setup: 9.5
  • Design: 9.5
  • Voice Manipulation: 10
  • Singtrix app: 9
  • Audio Quality: 8.5
  • Value: 9

You have everything to see here now it up to you whether to buy this karaoke machine or some other karaoke machine.choose wisely.

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