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How to Grill The Best New York Strip Steak – Copper Chef Recipe

This grilled meat recipe is loved by almost all of America. Its popularity keeps rising as soon as a newbie tastes it. The marinated sauce and the meat cooked to perfection just does something to the one having it.

This dish is served best for dinner and I am confident that the recipe we are providing will surely have your guests licking their fingers. You just have to use the copper chef so that the steak will be grilled properly.



  • Two tablespoons of olive oil
  • Four NY strip steaks of 1 lb each
  • Salt for flavor
  • Dark pepper for flavor
  • Six cloves of garlic
  • Three sprigs rosemary


  • You need to preheat the oven to 400° F
  • Now warm the pan by putting on medium heat and that should do the job
  • Pour some olive oil into the pan for some greasing
  • Now we need to add salt and ground pepper to the steak for some added flavor
  • Now add the steak to the pan and grill it for about four minutes
  • Now turn over the steak and pour some garlic and rosemary into the pan
  • Cook the steak for another four minutes
  • You now need to transfer the pan to the oven and cook at 400° F until you wish (preferred timing- 10 mins)

Now you have unlocked the recipe to make an amazing steak. Serve it at the dinner table and just wait for the compliments.

Perfect Roast Turkey Recipe – Copper Chef Recipe

One of the most famous poultry products in America because it is usually consumed in the festivities such as Thanksgiving and Christmas as well. Let’s prepare this amazing turkey and dazzle your family at the dining table.



  • Fifteen-pound turkey
  • Two tablespoons of olive oil
  • One tablespoon salt
  • Two spoons of ground black pepper
  • Half tablespoon onion powder
  • Half tablespoon garlic powder
  • One tablespoon rosemary
  • One tablespoon dried thyme
  • One tablespoon dried sage
  • One tablespoon paprika
  • Two cups of chicken broth


  • You need to preheat the oven to 350° F.
  • Now carefully place the turkey in the pan and rub olive oil on the turkey for grilling purposes always use a copper chef round pan.
  • Now take salt, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, rosemary, thyme, sage, and paprika and blend them together in a bowl and just smell the aroma, I am sure it will smell organic and amazing as well.
  • Lace the turkey with the seasonings and your turkey is half prepared.
  • Now put the chicken broth into the pan and give it a little stir.
  • Now the main task is to roast the turkey up to 350° F until the temperature of the turkey reaches about 160° F which will approximately take about three hours.

The best thing about this dish that usually it is liked by the whole family and it makes up for the lost time by increasing bonding between the family members. Enjoy!!

Simple Au Gratin Potatoes – Copper Chef Recipe

Potatoes have always been the staple food and one of the most popular dishes worldwide. People love potatoes because they are easy to make and an excellent source of carbs.

Tender potatoes and onion slices smothered in a quick cheesy sauce and baked until golden is simply mouthwatering. Here we have a simple and well-loved recipe for you which we ensure you will love if you manage to cook it right.

Serves- 10


  • Two sliced white onions
  • Stick butter
  • Eight medium sized potatoes
  • One-quarter heavy cream
  • One tablespoon mustard
  • Two tablespoon salt
  • One teaspoon black pepper
  • One sprig rosemary chopped
  • Eight slices of swiss cheese


  • You need to preheat the oven to 350° F.
  • Put onions in the pan with butter and saute the onions until they become light red.
  • Now slice the potatoes with a knife into one-eighth inches rounds.
  • Stir together the cream, mustard, black pepper, salt and rosemary in a bowl to make the cream mixture.
  • Now place the swiss cheese slices over onions.
  • Now pour the cream mixture over the top of potatoes and let it settle down.
  • Cut the remaining cheese into slices and scatter it on the top.
  • Now you can garnish the dish with a hint of rosemary.
  • Put the dish into the oven at 350° F and bake until it turns golden brown.

Well, this was a recipe for your favorite Au Gratin Potatoes which you can make in copper chef and I wish our recipe helps you to make an amazing dish for you and your family.