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A Guide for Professional Karaoke Selection

The home karaoke machine will not be worth if you want to add karaoke night to your collection. The professional karaoke machine will be used which has specially made up for a large amount of use. Other various professional machines are available in the market, but there are certain criteria are which needs to be followed while making the choice. Let us go through reviews for pro karaoke from www.universalreview.net.

The Output ability:

It is all dependent on the size of the premises you are living in and the power of the machine you will buy. It is not necessary to have a high power machine if you have a smaller place of living. The machine needs to be of the power which is required for your home or place.

You will probably aware of the intensity of sound if you have music at your place. Karaoke needs to be tasted as it is different from normal music systems. You can find the customer’s actual requirement by testing the karaoke machine.


Sound quality matters:

Quality plays an important role as only sound is not an important aspect, as a customer will need an adequate amount of sound. There are multiple machines that are costly with larger sound, but machines with larger sound but lesser price are also available in the market.

Selecting songs:

Various karaoke machines come with build in songs whereas some machines do not come with songs and need to connect other devices to have songs it is your choice to select which best suits you. It is ok if you have a big collection of songs on your karaoke machine but it may cause confusion for the people who want to sing.

Replacing certain parts:

It is of no use to think of damage before buying a machine, but it is important at the same time to think about it.  As customers will start using a machine, it is obvious that the possibility of some damage may occur and you must think about replacing a microphone easily.


Price aspect:

Price is a vital part and if you do not have enough capital to pay for the machine, then it is not possible to have it. The price of the machine should be equal to the quality of it. And you should check what that machine returns you after buying it.

Most of the vital things those need to be considered while purchasing a karaoke machine. So, if you are now planning to buy a new karaoke machine, here are full reviews. The important things include quality, volume and availability of parts in case of any damages. Also, as discussed quality is important and it should be considered in terms of returns the machine will give you back.

Akai KS-213 CDG Portable Karaoke System

Ever thought about turning your iPad into a powerful music speaker? Well, now you can do it with Akai KS213 Portable CD+G Karaoke System.

Akai is a well-known company which is known for manufacturing electronics that are reliable. Akai manufacture KS213 to give competition to other karaoke machines. Many other karaoke machines come with a huge price tag but Akai has managed to manufacture a good product at a decent price.

Connect your iPad to the karaoke system and play your favorite music through the machine.

There is a cradle attached to the machine where you can place your iPad and connect your iPad to the best karaoke machine.



It is very flexible when it is about compatibility, you can play CD, CD + G, CDR, CDRW, Stereo connectivity etc. Don’t worry about compatibility. Just insert the CD or connect your iPad and play your favorite lyrics. You can even connect it to your TV which is awesome as you will be able to read the lyrics easily. The only thing that is missing from the machine is Bluetooth connectivity.

Double Microphone connectivity

Some karaoke machines have just one microphone connectivity so you face problems while singing along with a company. But with Akai KS213 you can sing along with your singing partner. So get set rolling as it is time to rock the world with your favorite partner.

Made for Everyone

The karaoke machine is very easy to operate even small children can operate it without any problem. You do not even have to read to operating manual to operate it. There is a remote control provided by the system so that you don’t have to necessarily stand near the machine all the time. Trust me on this as my seven-year-old son operates it without any help and you know children hardly read any operating manual.


You can record your song on this machine. It can be done easily by just pressing the record button while singing.


There are many different effects to choose from like Echo control, voice manipulation, auto voice control, balance control and much more. You will never get bored while singing through this machine as will have many voice effects to choose from.

To be frank Akai KS213 may not be the most advanced karaoke machine but for beginners, this is the best product available on the market. So if you are looking to start fresh then do not hesitate before buying this.

Now let me rate this on different specifications of the product:

  • Durability: 7
  • Audio Quality: 8
  • Music Effects: 7.5
  • Additional Features: 8.5
  • Reliability: 9 (Akai is a renowned company)

Now here comes the most important information that you should know the price of this karaoke machine. The price is not on a higher side like other karaoke machines. This product is available at a price of around 70$ which is not a big amount if you are planning to buy it for yourself or for your children.

Happy Singing!

Ion Audio iPA77 Tailgater

Today we are going to talk about the best speaker out there in the market, the Tailgater.

Tailgater is a great speaker for outdoor use that is all because of its fifty hours of battery and two-way speaker system providing 50 Watts sound power. It has a 6.5-inch woofer which offers huge base. Sometimes when the woofer is included the quality of the audio gets compromised but in this speaker, the audio quality is not compromised.

It has a Bluetooth feature which allows the user to stream music wirelessly from their phones or their laptop.

Now here comes the best part for Android and iOS users, Tailgater has a feature called ‘easy pair’. You just have to your smartphone on the top of the speaker and there would be a pairing formed between the smartphone and the speaker. Tailgater is the best speaker for wireless connectivity.


Along with Bluetooth and aux connectivity, you can also listen to FM/AM radio anytime. Sometimes people get bored of their playlists so they need something new that is where FM becomes very handy. There is also an Antenna attached to the top of the speaker for radio use.

Track control functions are placed in the front of the speaker from where you control the speaker.

Now here comes the most important thing, a microphone input. This input allows you to connect the microphone to the speaker. So turn on the speaker connect the microphone and start singing while playing your best music in the background.

Along with all these features tailgater provides a USB power bank attached to the speaker through which you can charge your phone. This is a unique feature and only Tailgater provides this feature as of now. So don’t worry about charging your phone for leaving your place when you are carrying tailgater with you.


The speaker has been designed keeping in mind rough use of the device. It is very durable and has a very solid body for heavy usage. So don’t worry about over usage of the speaker as long as you are charging the battery time to time.


  • Different features like USB power bank which can be very handy as you will the liberty to charge your phone whenever you have the speaker with you.
  • Easy Pair feature which allows you to connect your Android or iOS device just by tapping the phone on the top of the speaker.
  • It can play music non-stop up to 50 hours.
  • Heavy-duty Speaker which means you can use it any way you want whether it is rough usage.

Now let me rate it on a scale of 0-10 by considering the most important features:

  • Sound Quality: 9.5
  • Design: 9
  • Durability: 9.5
  • Additional Features: 10
  • Battery: 10

Most important is saved for the last. Price right? Yeah so, if you think that with these amazing features the product will cost you a fortune but that is definitely not the case here. It will cost you around 125$ if you also buy additional accessories with it or else it will cost you only 119$.

Think about it, it is a very good deal.