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Pick Your Leaf Blower for a bunch of leaves

For various yard types, different size of leaf blowers are needed with multiple sizes, the below are 5 pick sizes consumer reports mentioned below;

The approximate price of 60-plus leaf blowers varies from $35 to $ 900, as per consumer reports. More than these types there is many more other ranges of varieties. It does not even look like a handheld one.

Where to start?

As per Dave Trezza,”The selection of blower totally depends on the size and shape of your yard as well as the number of trees you have in it.” who looks after CR’s leaf blower testing.


Every blower contains its own pros and cons:

  • Models with electric cords can work beneficiary, but it is not useful if your yard is longer than 100 feet from the electrical outlet situated outside you are going to use. It is useful if you possess a small bunch of grass or like a patio.
  • Blowers with battery charging enabled can give you an opportunity to work for nearly 20-30 minutes after once it gets charged. It can work nicely till a 3/4rth part of the acre.
  • Gas oriented blower models will help you get rid of both these limitations and will let you use it without any restrictions for acres and area. The two-cycle engines are mostly preferred for the use, but it requires to make a mixture of oil and gas in a particular ratio, or the other option is you can have a readymade fuel, which goes a little higher budget.
  • A backpack kind of a gas blower is high at portability, it can become the best choice in order to clean up bigger lots of leaves, as it does not lead to any restrictions in terms of area.
  • Gas blowers with wheels are the best work for any lot of leaves, but when it comes to their weights, they are as heavy as 100 pounds, make it harder to climb on hills.
  • We reviewed all the leaf blowers in the market, and here are our top pick cordless leaf blower 2018.


Testing Leaf Blowers:

Blowers with a backpack and with wheels are designed in such a way that they can cover a bigger area with a larger number of leaves, for that they have avoided the bunch of cut grass and has dumped a bag within the boundary.

The leaves are tested that has been stored one year in advance for testing, and the latest autumn leaf fall will be useful to store leaves for testing the next coming year.