Now, that you have bought a perfect crib for your soon-to-be-born baby, it is time to check out the crib mattresses for your coming baby and buy the perfect one for your crib. A crib mattress is an important investment and one should pay careful attention while looking at one since your kid will be spending most of the time sleeping on it and if it is not comfortable, then your baby might become restless and fussy. This guide will help you in selecting a perfect crib mattress for your baby which will be both comfortable and firm. if you want to know more, you can visit Universalreview

How many types of Crib Mattresses are there?

There are three types of crib mattresses depending on the material which is used in creating them.

  • Foam Mattress

    – These are the lightest mattresses and can be easily transferred from one room to another. They come in a thickness of 3 to 6 inches and you have to be careful when buying these. You would need to look for a mattress which is not too soft and is firm at the same time to avoid any suffocation for your baby.

  • Innerspring Mattress

    – These type of mattresses contain coils which are further covered with a lot of foam and padding and are found to be more firm and resilient. As they provide your crib with a better cushioning, these tend to be a little expensive.

  • Organic Mattress

    – This type of mattress can either be foam based or innerspring-based but it uses organic materials like coconut husk, cotton, wool, natural latex, etc. instead of the inorganic materials. These mattresses provide a breathable and chemical-free surface for your baby and are known to be a better choice to keep your baby away from all the chemicals and toxins. it will help you baby sleep peacefully in a baby bassinet

How much will a Crib Mattress cost you?

You will find crib mattresses in various cost ranges, some as low as $40 and some as high as $400. Organic mattresses and innerspring mattresses tend to cost a little more than the Foam Mattresses. it is cheaper as compared to high chairs for infants.

What are the features to look out for?

When buying a crib mattress, it is important to make sure that your mattress possesses all these important features:

  • Firmness

You need to look for a mattress which is not too soft and won’t cave in after a few uses as this might lead to your baby’s suffocation. So always check that the mattress is firm and not too soft.

  • Correct crib mattress size

It is important to choose a crib mattress which would perfectly fit your crib and won’t leave any space between the crib and the mattress. This in-between space could be harmful to your baby as they can get stuck here and injure themselves. This idea has been taken from Infant car seat and it works.

  • High-density

Always go for a mattress with high-density as this would ensure that your mattress is firm and will keep your baby safe. In innerspring mattresses, you might have to determine the firmness by checking if it has a lower gauge or higher coils as this tends to ensure a stronger and firmer mattress.

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  • High-resilience

It is important to find a mattress with higher resiliency as this would ensure that your baby is able to change position easily. A non-resilient mattress will assume the shape of your baby and will make it a little difficult for them to change the position.

  • Light-weight

You need a strong and firm mattress but make sure that it is not too heavy as that might pose you a problem when transporting or cleaning your crib.

  • Mattress cover

Make sure you get a mattress which comes with a waterproof cover as these tend to protect the mattress from getting wet when your baby pees on the mattress or you unexpectedly spill some liquids on it. Since the cover would be waterproof, the mattress would remain dry and there would be no chance of mold growing on it which is harmful to your baby.

  • Easy cleaning

Make sure you choose a mattress which is easy to clean or comes with a mattress cover which can be cleaned easily. You would need to clean your mattress in every few days to provide your baby with a clean environment so don’t miss out on this one.

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