Once your baby is born, it is not like you will stay at home forever. You would need to get out of the house a couple of times and take your baby with you too. In such cases, a diaper bag comes in handy as you can keep all your baby’s essentials in a single bag and be prepared for any scenario when out of the house too. A perfect Diaper bag will be able to store not only extra diapers for your baby but whereas other baby stuff like an extra pair of clothes, pacifiers, a few toys, milk bottle and the list goes on. If you want to choose a perfect diaper bag for your baby, then this guide will help you with just that. if you want to check out more information related to babies, then visit Universalreview.net

Types of Diaper bags

There are a variety of Diaper Bags depending on the size and frame:

  • Tote

As the name suggests, this type of diaper bags resemble a tote bag and comes with detachable handles and many inside pockets which can be used to store your cellphone and other small baby items.

  • Messenger

This type of diaper bag comes with one strap and can be carried like a sling bag across the shoulders or in front of your chest. It has many insulated pockets and a lot of space inside which is perfect to carry your baby’s feeding items and clothing.

  • Backpack

This type of diaper bags come in handy when you have to carry your baby and the bag together and you don’t want to overcrowd your hands by holding the bag. You can just carry it on your bag and since these bags have a lot of storage space, you can store a lot of items inside them.

  • Convertible

This type of diaper bags can be carried in three ways: messenger bag, backpack and tote bag. It has enough space to act all the three bags and comes in handy when you need one bag for different scenarios.

  • Stroller

These type of diaper bags are used when you have a lot of baby items to store and are going on a long vacation. But mind you, these bags tend to be a little on the bulkier side and are most often a little heavy.

  • Other Styles

There are various other kinds of diaper bags too: Small diaper bags to store just the essential, clutch diaper bags which you can hold in your hand, fanny diaper bags which can be secured around your waist and designer bags for people who want their diaper bags to be fashionable.

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Features to look out for

  • Space

The first and foremost thing would be to check if your diaper bag has enough space to store all your baby’s essentials or not. You need a lot of pockets and compartments to store both the baby’s gears and your own small belongings.

  • Weight

The next thing you would need to focus upon is how much does your bag weigh. You will be carrying it for the most part so make sure you choose a bag which won’t add much burden to you.

  • Organized

Make sure your diaper bag has many compartments and pockets so that you can store all of your baby’s items in an organized manner. It should be easy for you to take out the required item when needed with ease.

  • Comfortable

Another thing to pay attention to is that how easy it is for you to carry the bag around. The straps should be comfortable enough and the material shouldn’t be stingy.

  • Material

Make sure you go for a highly-durable material and not something just to please your fashion senses. It is important your diaper bag doesn’t tear easily and is comfortable to use so always look for a good material diaper bag.

  • Easy to Clean

You will need to clean your diaper bag often enough due to spilled food items or stuck dirt on it so it is important that your diaper bag is easy to clean and dries quickly.

  • Waterproof

One of the most important features would be a waterproof surface. This would help you to prevent the baby items from getting spoilt even if your bag is drenched with water. So make sure you go for a bag which is waterproof and won’t spoil with any spills.

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