A lot of the parents like jogging and running in the morning to provide them with the much-needed exercise and break. Jogging has known to be quite calming and tends to help you relax from all that stress which you are carrying but how can you leave your baby alone at home? Well, you don’t need to. You just need to get a proper Jogging Stroller to strap your baby and you will be all set for your routine jogging. Here is a complete guide to help you out in choosing the perfect jogging stroller for you. If you want to look for other baby products, you can visit here

Features to Look Out For

  • Fixed Wheels

If you have decided to buy a jogging stroller, then it is important that you go for one which has fixed front wheels and not the swiveling ones. The fixed wheels will help you in directing your stroller in whichever way you want with complete ease whereas a swiveling wheel would provide to be more of a hindrance as it goes off in whichever direction it likes.

  • Rim and Spoke wheel

Spokes and rims are the interior part of the wheel which helps in keeping the round shape of the wheel while bearing the weight of the jogging stroller. So it is crucial you choose a stroller which has a highly durable rim and spoke and won’t be prone to easy scratches and marks.

  • Wheel size

You need to go for fatter wheel size if you are planning to jog with your stroller as a wider wheel tends to move faster and easily than a narrow wheel. A bigger wheel will be able to handle any kind of terrain without breaking your step.

Jogging stroller

  • Tires

You will need to choose a stroller with appropriate tire thread and tire size depending on the terrain where you will use it. Go for a bumpier and wider tire if you are more frequent on uneven terrain, go for a smooth and thin tire if you jog more on a smooth surface.

  • Brakes

Make sure that your jogging stroller has the two types of essential breaks: Parking break and Hand brake. Parking brake will let you remove your hand from the stroller while not let it move from its place whereas a hand brake is handy when you are jogging and need to suddenly stop the stroller.

  • Suspension

This is a must-have feature if you are going to take your baby for jogging every day. A suspension will ensure that your baby’s ride is smooth and that your stroller and your baby are not jolted at every movement.

  • Handle bars

Make sure that you choose a stroller which has comfortable handle bars which you would be able to grip easily and which won’t slip from your hand in every few minutes. A fixed handlebar will be better for your jogging as your jogging movements won’t slip your hand in every few minutes.

  • Seat

One of the most important thing to look for in a jogging stroller is that your baby should be comfortably seated inside it. It should have appropriate straps and harness to keep your baby fixed and secure and comfortable enough to let him/her enjoy the ride. It might not be comparable to an infant car seat but it sure is worth it.

  • Portable

Another important feature to look for is whether your stroller can be folded into a smaller version and carried off easily to another place or not. Sometimes you might feel like jogging in a new location which is a little far off, then this portable feature of your baby’s jogging stroller will come quite handy. it is portable and as comfortable as an baby bassinet.

  • Storage

Your jogging stroller should have adequate space to keep all your baby’s equipment and items. You obviously can’t carry a diaper bag while jogging so it is crucial that you have compartments in the stroller to keep your baby’s essentials.

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A canopy will protect your baby from dust, sun and rain and will be quite useful when you are jogging during different weather conditions. It will protect your baby’s skin from the harmful rays of the sun and the dirt lying around.

  • Baby Entertainers

Let’s face it, your baby is bound to get bored in the stroller after a few minutes. This makes it essential to get a jogging stroller which comes with a few toys and entertainment equipment to keep your baby occupied and happy.

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