Babies are messy, we all know that but they are adorable and it is easy to ignore the messiness in front of that but you need to keep your baby clean at all times. A baby wipe comes handy when you need to clean your baby quickly. You would go out a lot once your baby is born and your baby will poop every once in a while regardless of whether you are at home or not. In such cases, baby wipes are quite an efficient way to clean your baby’s butt quickly and efficiently and dress them in spare clothes. This guide will help you in deciding which baby wipes are perfect for our baby’s purpose. If you need to look out for more information for babies, you can visit

Which type of Baby Wipe to choose?

You will find that you have two options here: Disposable and Reusable wipes. Reusable wipes are better for the newly born infants as their skin is quite sensitive at this time and disposable wipes could cause them rashes. While both are equally good, reusable wipes are more economical and environment-friendly and a little more tender on your baby’s skin whereas a disposable wipe is more hygienic but could cause an allergic reaction in your baby. Make sure cloth you use in the Baby bassinet is soft and clean.

So, decide which one would be more suitable for your baby and then choose that type of Baby wipes.

Ingredients which your Baby wipe should possess

You should always go for baby wipes which are made of organic substances and do not have any fragrance or alcohol content if your baby is a little more sensitive. Many disposable wipes are constructed using harmful chemicals and you need to always keep a lookout for such baby wipes. Wiping is important after the loo. And baby high chair is quite different from potty seats.

The best thing would be to go for a reusable wipe which you can make out of cotton fabric and will be both easy on your baby’s skin and won’t contaminate them with harmful substances. You could also go for hypoallergenic disposable wipes if your baby is not so tolerant towards a normal disposable wipe.

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Type of Packaging

Let’s face it, you would need to stock yourself up with a lot of baby wipes in one go because you never know when you might run out of the baby wipes. Since babies tend to be quite messy, it is always better to stock up beforehand which makes it crucial for you to choose a baby wipe who comes with a proper packaging which would be both easy for you to use and carry around.

You will find baby wipes mostly in three packaging: reusable tubs, zipper bags and travel bags with or without lids. You need to determine which type of packaging will suit your purpose and then go for the baby wipe which you want in that packaging. If your chosen baby wipe doesn’t come in the packaging you want, you can always store them in your own zipper bags.

Size and Quality

Always make sure you choose a baby wipe which is thick as it would ensure a cleaner and efficient wipe. If you are trying a wipe for the first time, then take a smaller pack of just 60 wipes and test run it, if it suits your purpose then you can invest in the larger packs which contain up to 200 or 1000 wipes. Make sure you always test the quality before buying a bigger pack.

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