We all know that the teething phase is inevitable and no matter what, you can’t escape your biting baby once it kicks in. Your baby becomes cranky, frustrated and bites everything and anything within reach, there is a continuous itch in his/her gums which makes him/her into such a biting monster. Well, don’t worry, all is not lost. A teething toy can greatly help your baby by relieving their itch and providing them with an appropriate medium to bite and maim. So, which teething toys should you choose for your baby? If you need some more information, you can consider Universalreview

Here is a list of the top teething toys which you should definitely consider for your kids.

  • Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Activity Toy

Price: $13

The best teething toy for your babies, this one is made up of baby safe material and resembles the shape of an atom which makes it visually appealing and due to its beads, it is sensory appealing too.

  • The First Years Star Teething Blanket

Price: $11

A great teething toy which provides your baby with various teething surfaces to chew upon. This five-star blanket is made up of 5 different teething surfaces like terry cloth, crinkly satin, etc. It also comes with a built-in speaker and many different colors.


  • Nuby Icybite Hard/Soft Teething Keys

Price: $4

Another great teething toy for your baby, this one provides a fun and entertaining toy to your baby which they can both bite and shake.

  • Over the Rainbow Teether

Price: $10

One of the best teether for your baby, this octopus-shaped teether provides your baby with a comfort whenever he/she chews on its hat or the texturized tentacles. Once he gets tired, make sure to make him sleep in his baby bassinet

  • RaZ Baby RaZ-berry Teether

Price: $4

This raspberry shaped teether acts both as a pacifier and a teether and is a perfect soothing tool for both cranky and frustrated babies.

More From Us:

  • MAM Bite & Brush Teether


A great way to brush your baby’s teeth while letting him/her bite on his teething toy, this toy comes with silicone bristles which brushes your baby’s teeth quickly and efficiently.

  • Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether

Price: $7

You will often notice that your baby bites his own hand which is most of the time dirty and unhygienic, so as an alternative you can use this teething toy. It comes with 4 prongs which can be used by your baby as fingers and is comparatively much cleaner too.

  • Chewbeads Jane Teething Necklace

Price: $30

Although a little expensive, this is a perfect teether for all those babies who like to chew things they wear. You can find this teether in more than 20 colors and its stylish design makes it suitable for wearing outside too.

  • The Honest Company Butterfly Teether

Price: $10

One of the best teether for your baby as this is not only DHA-free but it is also completely devoid of any rubber, chemicals or harmful latex and the butterfly pattern is a favorite among most babies.

  • Sophie La Giraffe – So Pure Teether Giraffe

Price: $16

A great toy for baby’s with small hands, this one is cute and can be easily held by your baby tightly, reducing the chances of this toy falling down on the germ-filled floor.

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