Sometimes babies tend to colic a lot and are unable to sleep, as a result you have to compromise on your sleep too. If your baby is awake and something is bothering him/her, then you are also likely to lose your sleep. So, how do you ensure that your baby gets his/her uninterrupted sleep? If you need to know more about baby stuff, visit here

Just follow these steps and you will see that your baby falls asleep in no time at all, giving you a chance to rest yourself.

  • Swaddling

One of the best ways to ensure that your baby sleeps through the night is by tucking them snugly in a blanket so that they don’t move too much and don’t get startled awake. Most babies tend to dream about falling down and as a result awake from your dream suddenly, if you fit them snugly then they won’t feel like they are falling down.

  • Warm bath

Another great way to make your baby sleep is by giving them a warm bath before the sleeping time. A warm bath will greatly relax their body and will make them extremely drowsy. Put him in a baby bassinet after taking him out of the bath.


  • Feeding before sleep

Another good pre-sleep habit would be to feed them so that they are full and won’t wake up hungry in the middle of the night.Always make sure to feed him on an Infant high chair so that he is comfortable.

  • Let them take short naps

One important thing to keep in mind is that don’t let your baby sleep too much during the day as then they tend to stay awake for the night. Limit their naps to at most 2 hours and gently awake them whenever you see them falling asleep for a long time.

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  • Keep their routine intact

Another amazing way to get your baby to sleep is by following a consistent routine for every day. It should be an eat, play and sleep cycle. Make sure that you don’t stray from this pattern as it will ensure that your baby will sleep every night at a particular time.

  • Develop a pre-nap routine

This is a great way to make your baby sleep. Develop a pre-nap routine like switching off the lights, closing the curtains, lulling your baby to sleep. This will help greatly because as soon as you switch off the light, your baby will start preparing for its sleep.

  • White noise

One of the most effective ways to make your baby sleep through all the noise and commotion is by getting them used to white noise while sleeping. This could be the sound of the fan or a sound machine or a white noise CD.

  • Sleep near your baby

Another effective way to ensure that your baby sleeps through the night is by keeping their crib near you so that if they need their diaper changed or to be fed at night, you can do it quickly and make them fall back to sleep.

  • Don’t overtire your baby

Many parents think that if they tire their baby enough, they will surely fall asleep at night but in reality, the vice versa happens. When you overtire your baby, they get more irritated and less sleepy and can throw tantrums all night long.

  • Use overnight diapers

One of the most effective ways to ensure that your baby doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night is by using a diaper which is good for night time and will absorb all the pee, allowing your baby to sleep peacefully and soundly.

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