Your baby needs to be cleaned and bathed regularly and then needs to be properly moisturized and tidied up so that their skin remains soft and supple. Your baby’s skin is fragile and it is important that you use a product on her skin which is safe and won’t harm your baby, adult products are definitely out of the list. So, what bath products can you use on your baby? If you want more information, you can visit Universalreview

Here is a list of 7 bath products which are safe and will leave your baby super clean.

  1. Aveeno Baby Shampoo

One of the best baby shampoos which use natural oat extracts for its composition, Aveeno baby shampoo can mix up a rich lather and is quite gentle for the newborns. You can clean your baby without worrying about drying his little hair which makes this a perfect product for most babies.

  1. Moby Spout cover

We all know that if you are giving a bath to your baby in your normal bathtub, quite often your baby ends up hurting his head with the faucet spout. So, to avoid the imminent hurt and wailing, you can use this Moby spout cover to protect your baby quite efficiently.


  1. JJ Cole towels

Every baby needs to dry after taking a bath and what better than to use the JJ Cole towels. You can wrap this dry and warm towel around your baby and tuck in his head inside the corner hood to keep him dry and cozy when he/she is just out of the bath. It is soft and made of 100% terry cloth and you can find it in many colors and designs too.

  1. Johnson’s baby lotion

The perfect lotion for your baby’s fragile skin, this lotion by Johnson’s is dye and paraben-free and is known to contain the No More Tears formula along with being hypoallergenic. You can use it on your baby’s face, as well as, other body parts too.

More from Us:

  1. Johnson’s baby bubble bath & wash

A great cleaning product which not only cleans your baby efficiently but will also make a lot of bubbles for your baby to play with. You can draw a bubble bath with this product which would be tear-free and a lot of fun.

  1. Munchkin Safety Bath Duck

The perfect bath product for your baby, this one not only provides your baby with a toy to play with but is also a tool which can help you in determining if the water is too hot or not. The disc which is located at the bottom of this duck will let you know if the water is too warm or not and with its duck design, it is a perfect bath companion.

  1. Natural Next baby tub

A great product to wash your little bundle of joy, this baby tub is made of durable plastic and uses renewable plant resources for its construction. It also includes a soap holder and other spaces to keep your various accessories. It can also be hung up which makes it easier to dry and extremely handy.

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