We all know that children are moody and tend to throw a tantrum while eating most food items. They are very picky and avoid eating most food items which could provide you with a healthy amount of vitamins and minerals but you cannot always allow it. You can’t let them skip on the nutrient-rich food, so how do you make them eat? You can also check out Universalreview.net for more.

Here are a few tips which could help you in feeding your picky eater:

  1. Play a game with them

One of the best ways to ensure that your child eats everything is by making a game out of it. Whether it is a train or a plane coming with goodies or whether you are playing housie, it is important to engage your kid in a game so that they eat their food as a part of the game itself and will surely reduce their fussing by a great deal. Make sure they are sitting on a seat for infants

  1. Let your child help in creating the food

Another great way to feed your kid everything is by letting them help you in the kitchen to cook the food. Allows them to cut or add some food items, give them a kid-friendly knife to do that. This way when the food is finally ready, they would be proud of themselves and would like to taste how good of a cook they are really.


  1. Ask them to judge the dish

Another great way to get your kid to eat everything is by asking their opinion about all the dishes and making them taste everything to describe you if it was good or bad. This way they would get really interested in tasting all the food items and will come up with various adjectives to describe it to you.

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  1. Plant a vegetable garden

One of the best ways to ensure that your kids eat every veggie you cook is by planting your own vegetables in the garden and then using it in the meals. Let your kids help you out with the gardening so that when you finally provide them with the veggies, they would be happy because they grew it up.

  1. Give them small bites

The best way to make sure that your child eats all the food is by making sure that you cut their food up into manageable bites. This way they won’t find chewing tiresome and will be able to eat their food quickly and easily. After feeding your baby will feel like sleeping and you must make them sleep in their Baby bassinet.

  1. Make the food fun to look at

One of the best ways to ensure that your kid eats all the food is by making it look fun and interesting. You could arrange the food like a cartoon character or a plane or some other image so that it looks nice to your kid and they are more enthusiastic to finish it then.

  1. Disguise disliked food into their favorites

One of the cleverest ways to make sure that your kid eats everything healthy is by hiding the disliked food into food items which your kids love the most. You could add some veggies to the pizza or the burger and make them eat it, this way they won’t even notice they are eating something which they hate.

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