Every baby needs to have a tummy time which helps them in strengthening their chest, arms and core muscles and prepares them for sitting and crawling but most babies don’t like it. Well, too bad because you certainly can’t stop it so how can you ensure that your baby has fun while the tummy time?

10 Ways to Make Tummy Time Fun

It is simple, just follow these 10 steps and you will see that soon tummy time will be your baby’s favorite time.

1. Mimic your baby

One of the best ways to make it fun for your baby is by getting down on the floor with them and then making funny faces and mimicking them or allowing them to mimic you. Make a game out of it and you will see that your baby will soon end up laughing during the tummy time.

2. Don’t burden your baby

It is important that you don’t push your baby too much. Gradually increase the tummy time and don’t directly jump into 30 minutes every day. If they are able to do it for 1-2 minutes also, it is good enough for the initial days. While giving them food. We advise you to use placemats available on bibiluv.com.

3. Create a funny wall

As your baby would be on their tummy, it would be great if they could look at a good, fun wall to distract themselves. You can put funny posters or posters of things which your baby likes or your can actually put a TV and start a song or advertisement that your baby likes.

4. Become the tummy floor

You can also make the tummy time fun by becoming the floor for your baby’s tummy. This would certainly provide your baby with a fun alternative and you can play with your baby while they are on your stomach too. You can also feed them while they are lying down on their baby bassinets

5. Get out his/her toys

Another way to make tummy time fun would be by putting out their clothes when they are lying on their tummy so that they can play with them and entertain themselves.

6. Use a yoga ball

You can also use a yoga ball for your baby’s tummy time. This will provide them with a nice and fun alternative and let’s face it, lying on a ball stomach down is infinitely more fun than lying on the floor in the same position.

7. Give them a support

You can also place a rolled towel or a plus cushion beneath their stomach to give them a boost and they feel happier and a little less frustrated.

8. Get an activity gym

Another great way to ensure that tummy time is fun time is by getting an activity gym which contains all the games and toys to entertain your baby and comes with a good soft padding. Your baby will feel like they are in a new world and won’t even complain about being on their tummy.

9. Prepare your baby properly

Make sure that you feed them, burp them and make them pee and poop before you lay them on your stomach. If your baby is hungry or thirsty, he/she is more likely to create a fuss.

10. Do it regularly

Make sure that you do this regularly for 30-90 minutes. Although you don’t have to jump directly to the 90 minutes in the initial days, you can surely start towards it gradually.

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